About Us

Meet the Team

Taima 大麻 means cannabis in Japanese.

Meet the founders of Taima Team. They are not alone, they rely on experts from several universities (University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, University of Oviedo), Cannapro Europe, and the great team of Custom&Borders services.


Jorge García

Master Grower & Founder

Worried for an ill relative, he started to look into Cannabidiol (CBD) seriously. Turned his passion in a reality with his grow shop Del Verde al Morao and DVAM a distributor that supplies other grow shops. Also a consultant for growers and cannabis clubs. He prefers whisky to beer, but still we love him.


Igor Setien, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

Igor has a Ph.D. in plant physiology. Specialized in nitrogen nutrition, his work is focused in studying the effect of high light conditions and high CO2 atmosphere on plant metabolism modulation to increase plants yield. Igor is a nature-lover and craft beer fan.


Gorka Puente_

Gorka Puente, Ph.D.

Operations & Founder

With a Ph.D. in Web Information Systems and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Gorka brings his knowledge and experience to research and visualize new markets and opportunities.
Cats, beer, bjj and wrestling when he's not working.